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King City lies along the banks of the Salinas River and the route of Highway 101 about 50 miles southeast of the city of Salinas. It was established as a railway stop for the Southern Pacific Railroad in 1886. The city was originally called “Hog Town” as swine were one of the first and largest products of the area. It was incorporated in 1911 as City of King in honor of Charles King who acquired 13,000 acres of the Mexican land grant Rancho San Lorenzo.

The city has a population of just under 15,000, and is 4 square miles in size. One of the earliest residents of King City was J. Ernst Steinbeck, father of novelist John Steinbeck, who was an agent for the S.P. Milling Company. The city is mentioned repeatedly in Steinbeck’s book “East of Eden” which is set in the surrounding Salinas Valley.

Drilling Water Wells in King City, California

Information on drilling a water well in King City can be found on the city’s website at

 These regulations read in part:

(Chapter 15.48 Water Well Regulations)

(a) No person shall construct, repair, reconstruct, abandon or destroy any well unless a written permit has first been obtained from the health officer pursuant to this chapter.

(b) No person to whom such a permit has been issued shall fail to comply with all of the terms and conditions thereof and with the standards specified in this chapter.

(c) No person other than a contractor licensed in accordance with the provisions of the contractors’ license law (Chapter 9, Division 3, of the Business and Professions Code) shall perform any construction, repair, reconstruction or destruction of a well, unless exempted by that law. (Ord. 356 § 3, 1973)

Permits for water wells are obtained from the city planning department and fall under their jurisdiction. Further information, including information on the application process, is available on the city’s website. 

In order to protect groundwater quality, the well program is responsible for the permitting of the construction, destruction, and repairs/modification of a domestic, irrigation, agricultural, cathodic protection, monitoring, or heat exchange well. The well program works closely with Monterey County Planning, the cities, and three water management districts in the county.

  1. Monterey County Water Resource Agency
  2. Monterey Peninsula Water Management District
  3. Pajaro Valley Water Management District

A permit to construct, repair or destroy a well is required before any work may begin. Only a contractor with a current C57 license from the State of California is permitted to construct, repair or destroy a well. To check the status of a license, visit the Contractors State License Board website.


Water Well Drilling and Pump Maintenance Service in King City, CA 93930

Powell and Murphy Drilling provides water well drilling and pump maintenance services in King City. Because a water well is a private water supply, testing of the water is the responsibility of the property owner. Contamination may occur from soil contaminants or from bacteria. It is recommended the water be tested annually, after a flood, or when the taste or appearance of the water suddenly changes. The County of Monterey offers a free program for residents who get their drinking water from a domestic well. It provides results and information on how to interpret them, as well as tips on what to do if the well is contaminated and how to protect it from happening.

Water Well Inspection Services

Testing the quality of a water well is the responsibility of the property owner. This should be done at least once a year as contaminants from the soil as well as bacteria can find their way into the well and affect the taste and safety of the water. The water should also be tested after a flood or if a change is flavor and/or appearance of the water is noted. The testing may be done with a do-it-yourself kit, but if results show contamination, a qualified professional should be contacted. Powell and Murphy Drilling can help you with your well issues.

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Water Well Drilling in King City

Well Drilling in King City

  • Agricultural water wells
  • Domestic wells
  • New water wells
  • Professional drilling rigs
  • Water Well abandonment and/or destruction
Well Drilling in 93930

Water Well Development in King City, California 93930

  • Pumping test
  • Water sampling and testing
  • Well rehabilitation
Water Well Drilling

Well Pump Services in King City

  • Agriculture water pumps
  • Home & residential water pumps
  • Line Shaft Turbine Pumps
  • Maintenance agreements
  • Submersible water pumps
  • Water pump installation & repair
  • Water tank Installation

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