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Water Well and Pump Service Information for Adelaida 93446

Adelaida (Adelaide) is an unincorporated area of San Luis Obispo County about 10 miles west of Paso Robles. Between 1877, when a post office was built, and the mid 1900’s, the area was populated by mercury miners and Mennonite farmers, with nearly 1,000 residents. The town has a community center, saloon, dance hall, general store, and four schools. By the time the mines closed in the 1970’s most of the businesses had relocated to Paso Robles. The Adelaida School still stands and is being restored by the Adelaida Historical Foundation.


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Drilling Water Wells in Adelaida

As an unincorporated area, drilling a water well in Adelaida requires permits issued by the County of Monterey. Information on obtaining a permit can be found by following the link below.


In order to protect groundwater quality, the well program is responsible for the permitting of the construction, destruction, and repairs/modification of a domestic, irrigation, agricultural, cathodic protection, monitoring, or heat exchange well. The well program works closely with Monterey County Planning, the cities, and three water management districts in the county.

  1. Monterey County Water Resource Agency
  2. Monterey Peninsula Water Management District
  3. Pajaro Valley Water Management District


A permit to construct, repair or destroy a well is required before any work may begin. Only a contractor with a current C57 license from the State of California is permitted to construct, repair or destroy a well. To check the status of a license, visit the Contractors State License Board website.

Water Well Drilling and Pump Maintenance Service in Adelaida

Powell and Murphy Drilling provides water well drilling and pump maintenance services in Adelaida. Once a well has been drilled it falls under the jurisdiction of the Monterey County Department of Environmental Health. Information about drilling, maintaining and destructing a water well in the county can be found at the links below.

Testing the quality of a water well is the responsibility of the property owner. This should be done at least once a year as contaminants from the soil as well as bacteria can find their way into the well and affect the taste and safety of the water. The water should also be tested after a flood or if a change is flavor and/or appearance of the water is noted. The testing may be done with a do-it-yourself kit, but if results show contamination, a qualified professional should be contacted. Powell and Murphy Drilling can help you with your well issues.

Water Well Drilling in Adelaida

Well Drilling in Adelaida

Agricultural water wells

  • Domestic wells
  • New water wells
  • Professional drilling rigs
  • Water Well abandonment and/or destruction
Well Drilling in 93446

Water Well Development in Adelaida 93446

  • Pumping test
  • Water sampling and testing
  • Well rehabilitation
Water well drilling in Adelaida, CA 93446

Well Pump Services in Adelaida 93446

  • Agriculture water pumps
  • Home & residential water pumps
  • Line Shaft Turbine Pumps
  • Maintenance agreements
  • Submersible water pumps
  • Water pump installation & repair
  • Water tank Installation

We service many cities on the Central Coast of California for water well pump service and water well drilling. As water well consultants, we can recommend equipment and services needed for your water well.  Water Well Drilling and Pump Service in these cities:  San Luis Obispo County Locations: Adelaida, Arroyo Grande, Arroyo Grande 93421, Atascadero, Cambria, Creston, Paso Robles, San Miguel, San Simeon, Santa Margarita, and Templeton.  Monterey County Locations:  Bradley, Bryson, King City, and Lockwood.  Santa Barbara County Locations:  Buelton, Carpenteria, Carpinteria, Gaviota, Goleta, Guadalupe, Lompoc, Lompoc 93437, Lompoc 93438, Los Olivos, Montecito, Montecito 93150, New Cuyama, Orcutt 93455, Orcutt 93456, Orcutt 93457, Santa Barbara, Santa Maria 93454, Santa Maria 93455, Santa Maria 93456, Santa Maria 93457, Santa Maria 93458, Santa Ynez, and Vandenberge Village.